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Welcome to the Karaite Jewish University website. The Karaite Jewish University (KJU) is an independent Californian Corporation with Non-Profit status.  The University has not formerly associated with any other Karaite organization. KJU has received the permission of the Moeseth Hakhamim (Council of Sages), to teach an Introduction to Judaism course.  This course may lead to a conversion conducted by the KJA Beth Din that is appointed by the Moeseth Hakhamim.

For approximately 500 years prior to the establishment of the Karaite Jewish University, there was no organized way for Jews to become affiliated with the Karaite Jewish movement; nor was there any way for non-Jews to convert to Judaism through the Karaite Jewish movement. In 2007, graduates from the KJU became the first known converts to Judaism through the Karaite movement in approximately a half of a millennium. In the following years, the Jews who have graduated our courses have also formally affiliated with the Karaite Jewish movement. We are proud of our work to-date.

The KJU strives to be the best organization we can, and we are currently re-evaluating our educational model and infrastructure. Because our staff works on a volunteer-basis, this process may take some time. At this time, the KJU is running a course for individuals in the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries, and that course will continue to its completion. We currently do not have any future courses scheduled and we are not accepting students for any courses; but we plan to resume teaching and education in the near future. We look forward to this exciting next step in our development and we hope you will join us on our important mission.

If you would like to be notified in anticipation of our next course offering, please send an email to info@kjuonline.com.

BeShalom, The Staff of the KJU

In 2013, a  Symposium held at Bar-Ilan University - Tel Aviv ,  on May 2, 2013on the Karaite Jews in Egypt.  A YouTube recording of the event is at this link.



Copyright 2005- 15 Karaite Jewish University: All rights reserved. Please do not email us or attempt a commercial transaction on the Sabbath. Our Servers are located in the Mountain Time Zone and all emails will be destroyed unopened that are received on Shabbat.

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The Online Experience


Karaite Jewish University will post teaching lessons on its course management system "Moodle" website. We maintain a library of over 400 articles.  Through the Moodle site students will access lesson material, quizzes and library. We use Google Groups as our forum for exchange of ideas and announcements.


Admission into the course does not guarantee, suggest or imply that a student will automatically be allowed to participate in the Conversion Ceremony.  Participation in the Conversion Ceremony is based upon theological and religious considerations independent of successful course completion. The Conversion Ceremony is carried out by the Karaite Jews of America, an institution unaffiliated with the KJU.